Kate Walker

Kate Walker live deanos house

Kate Walker plays folky –bluesy - soulful - pop tunes!

Originally inspired to play music at age 7 after watching a documentary on Mariah Carey, she later went on to become a VCA dropout & ventured around the world a few times.

Nowadays you can find her playing tunes around Melbourne & wherever else she happens to end up aswell as running Letterbox Music, a songwriters collective that runs a zine & puts on shows at Northcote's Wesley Anne on the 1st Sunday of every month like no other featuring not just awesome music but sets, shadow puppetry & home baked sweets.

Recently Kate’s been lucky enough to share stages with the likes of Steve Poltz, Passenger, Gregory Page & The Rescue Ships & in the coming weeks, Bushwalla & Folk Uke Currently recording a debut ep, due out late 2011.

Here are some nice things people have said about Kate:

made me smile – dom alessio,JJJ

“For a seemingly wholesome young woman the gig had a surprisingly
wicked undertone. This is not necessarily a bad thing”
– beat

“romantic humourous and even a little politically incorrect”