22nd - 25th October 2015

Thom Crawford

Thom Crawford

Thom CrawfordWith early comparisons to Damien Rice and John Mayer, and recently supporting the likes of Matt Corby and Ian Moss, Thom Crawford’s journey as a songwriter and artist began almost by accident.

Growing up in Sydney’s Blue Mountains, Thom spent most of his younger years living on a farm, playing drums and riding freestyle BMX, until a serious riding injury forced him into a full leg cast for several months.

Unable to play the drums, he picked up a guitar and spent his time listening and educating himself into the wider world of music. Drawing influences from such artists as Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Jeff Buckley and Jimi Hendrix, while messing around with chord shapes and eventually teaching himself how to record the handful of songs he had written.

Just a few months later those early recordings secured him a deal with renowned publisher Rough Cut Music and almost immediately he was on a plane to the US under the guidance of industry heavyweights Keith Welsh, Mike Dixon and Bill Silva.

Attending Grammy Awards parties, jamming with Jason Mraz and Train, living and co-writing in Nashville, LA & New York and hanging out with some of his biggest musical influences, All helping to shape and develop Thom’s Music. The trip eventually took him to London and Kensaltown Studios where he spent his days working in the studio and writing and recording with Grammy nominated songwriter/producer Sacha Skarbek (James Blunt, Jason Mraz, Sir Paul McCartney, Adele, Gwen Stefani, Duffy, Joss Stone). “I have written and worked with Thom Crawford, who I found to be extremely talented. He has the potential to become an international artist of high quality and achieve major success.”- Sacha Skarbek

Returning to Australia almost a year later, he spent several months turning a friends spare room into a recording studio, Song writing and drawing on some of the techniques he had learnt abroad.

The result is Thom’s first EP Solid Ground which was released in late 2010. Now Thom is back on the road in 2011 with a swag full of new songs and eager for people to hear them.

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