22nd - 25th October 2015

The Break

The BreakAs they continue to celebrate the release of their debut album ‘Church Of The Open Sky’, the three founding members of Midnight Oil and band mate Brian Ritchie from Violent Femmes are musicians at the top of their game. With rolling toms and reverb on full throttle, Messrs. Hirst, Moginie, Rotsey and Ritchie are all set to take music lovers on a trip to the outer limits of surf, beyond the break, in a high octane performance that is powerful, dynamic and a whole lot of fun.

THE BREAK is riding high on a sonic wave and they’re tuning into and turning on new fans and familiar friends as they roll out their unique contemporary sounds in live rooms around the country. Think classic surf rock meets spy-fi psychedelia and you’ll get a grip on their brand of surf rock.

When asked if the surf genre might be considered a bit lightweight for musicians of this calibre and pedigree, bass player Brian Ritchie points out that there is actually a huge amount of depth in the tradition.

“When I look into the crowd I see the kind of concentration you don’t normally get for a rock band. It’s a different experience, but it’s one that audiences seem to be getting into right away. There’s a positive thrust and uplifting energy on the stage and we’re able to create something that's simultaneously heavy, deep, ironic and humorous. The Break is thriving because we are creating something new for ourselves and the fans and we can’t wait for these next dates to share the experience.“

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