22nd - 25th October 2015



SpookyLand19-year-old songwriter Marcus Gordon has conceived in his music a kind of lyrical Frankenstein that he calls Spookyland. He’s a classic storyteller of the Bob Dylan variety, delivering bent and mangled narratives of love, hate and delusion all in some compelling and unexplored brand of neo-folk. Gordon’s intricately woven songs are steeped in the mud of the Mississippi Delta and drip with a confronting worldweariness and wisdom beyond his tender years.

Produced by Cameron Potts (Dead Letter Chorus), Killin’ One Bird With Two Stones, Spookyland’s debut, is an ambitious EP that provides a qualified demonstration of the aforementioned characteristics, a rollercoaster in the true spirit of the analogy, taking its listeners on a poetically chaotic voyage that is part revivalist meeting, part confessional and part absolution.

“One would think his lo-fi offerings are the taut ballads of a hardened, once drug addled journeyman not a kid from the suburbs… A prolific songwriter.” Pedestrian T.V

From first impression one would expect the man behind the music to be the most tortured of souls, but if Spookyland teaches us anything, it’s not to judge on first impressions. “I’ve actually lived a pretty happy life, I don’t have many dark things around me,” reveals Gordon, further explaining “It’s more a personal outlook I have gleaned from the music I listen to. You become a funnel of what you put in. I’ve been listening to music pathologically since I was about 11 and it hasn’t ever been light.”

The intoxication that music provided and the inspiration gleaned from newly acquired musical heroes such as David Bowie, Nick Cave and Bob Dylan led the now teenaged Gordon to seek out his own creative path ­ an amalgam of noir film, pulp comic books, seventies popcorn horror and smatterings of philosophy.

“I was taken aback by Killin’ One Bird with Two Stones.. It’s like someone got Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Nick Cave and smashed them together in a blender..” Rebecca Barron- The Dwarf

Given the darkness and introspection of his musical expression, one could infer that darkened rooms and tortured experience guides his creative methodology, however, Gordon concedes a far more holistic approach. “It usually starts with me walking around or in bed or in the shower coming up with maybe one sentence or one point of inspiration. All the while I am in my room writing basic guitar riffs and melodies that have no words, they go in the bank, then I wait until I have accumulated enough of those epiphanies when I absolutely have to sit down and write. I tend to prolong the process for as long as I can just because…well, maybe because I am lazy…but I think it’s also that I want the songs to need to happen, I don’t want them forced out of me.”

“the lyrics he writes are full of poetic beauty and charm; they are intelligent and engaging.. There isn’t really anyone else out there making music quite like Spookyland.. 9/10” Simon Clark- The AU Review

The time taken to craft each track is evident of Spookyland’s debut EP, Killin’ One Bird With Two Stones, as is its creator’s zeal in reaching its audience in a very real and tangible way. “Music is about the only thing I can do well enough to spread the message properly,” intones Gordon, “I think rock and pop music is the most powerful form of creativity ­ the effect it can have in your life is like no other and I want to be in that, I want to be part of it and
that is why I chose music.”


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