22nd - 25th October 2015

Lana De Angelis

Lana De Angelis

Lana De AngelisCast your minds back, dear readers…the year is 2001, our subject, a 14 year old girl with a penchant for army pants and a curiously throaty voice.

While her peers were engaged in the stuff of typical suburban teenage-hood, Lana De Angelis was taking the first tentative steps towards a very different, and oft-maligned future. Tuesday night open mic at the Bat and Ball Hotel, Wednesday nights singing for a free meal at Mars Hill Café, Lana’s initiation into the world of music was thoroughly engrossing.

Though not the most conventional way to earn some pocket money, these early encounters with the local song writing set triggered a deep affinity for the simplicity of lyrics and melody, and even today, you will find Lana grumbling her way through a soulless day job in order to sing the blues with her trusty Maton guitar come night-fall.

At 17, Lana signed with local indie label Risky Records who released her debut EP “The Killing Jar”. At 20, she UN-signed with them, and at 21 released her second EP “I stay indoors” independently.

Now, aged somewhere in her early 20s, with a slightly less throaty voice (its amazing what NOT trying to imitate Courtney Love’s voice can do for the vocal cords!) Lana has played just about everywhere Sydney has to offer, and is always looking for new venues to infiltrate and take down, erm, win over.

Lana has played big festivals, tiny sheds, glossy nightclubs and beer stained bars, and shared stages with rockers like Mental as Anything to folksters like Angus and Julia Stone.
Her music has been compared to Tori Amos (without the piano) PJ Harvey (without the electric guitar) and Ani Di Franco (without the uber-political edge) Once, Lana was called a less-good version of Kate Miller Heidke, which Lana sort of agrees with, though would like to point out that until she learns piano and takes operatic voice lessons, its really a difficult call to make.

Go have a listen to Lana’s latest musical offerings and see for yourself.

Basically, Lana De Angelis is a folk singer with pop-rock leanings and a particular interest in telling it like it is. You can expect an acoustic guitar, a kick-ass voice, and some really good stories.

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