Kira Puru & The Bruise

Kira Puru & The Bruise

Kira Puru & The BruiseHe who has love in his heart has spurs in his side, and trigger-happy mongrels, Kira Puru and the Bruise have ‘throwndown’ on love and stand steadfast, knee deep in the mire, beckoning the storms of a thousand decomposing divas to serenade them to the grave.

Having bled-dry the rose in their once-youthful cheeks, they are calling the devil to strike their idle hands and mouths into song, bring to life the dead thud of skin on skin, and the percussive smack of bodies on pavement. With vocals that sound like they rise from beneath the earth itself, guitar lines wailing and slicing through the throats of nay-sayers like a chainsaw loose in a rosegarden, bludgeoning basslines and thunderous beats that slump heavy on your shoulders, they grip tight the soulful melodic growls of years past, married with the brutality of hard-rockin rhythm and blues.

Kira Puru & the Bruise[formerly the Very Geordie Malones], will launch their sophomore studio recording, The Liar, October 1st, 2010 and will follow with a national tour of the release.

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