Jesse Morris

Jesse Morris

Jessie Morris6 piece Aussie roots & reggae. Melodica, trumpet, trombone, flute, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion.

The brainchild of songwriter Jesse Morris in collaboration with the 3 beans - Lucille Wilson, Shane Kellahan & Hutcho with support from the formidable fanatics on horns - which usually includes - Simon Kay & Brendan Champion plus an always changing array of like minded folk on other horns, MCs, turntables, sitar and percussion.


Jessie MorrisJesse is the son of blues & roots music legend John Morris (the Blues Preachers) born into a roots music household

with a guitar in his hand and something to share with the world.

Together Jesse Morris and the 3 Beans make true, honest Australian roots music. played by people of the world. Written on planet earth. Songs about people, places and life.

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