22nd - 25th October 2015

Dom Turner & Ian Collard

Dom Turner & Ian Collard

Dom Turner & Ian CollardDom Turner (Backsliders) and Ian Collard (Collard Greens and Gravy)

Take your mind back to a time before mindless 120 beats per minute pop dominated the airwaves - to the early 20th century – when the raw sounds of harmonicas and guitars meant real music for the people. This was a deep, dark, and tantalizingly evil mix of rural blues that was played and recorded by musicians throughout the southern states of the USA and broadcast over the radio waves even further.

Meanwhile – quite a few years later – and even further down south, in Australia, Dom Turner (Backsliders) and Ian Collard (Collard, Greens & Gravy) became obsessed with the sound and spent most of their adult lives studying and playing it.

Working as a Guitar/Harmonica duo, they strip the music back to it’s rural beginnings. At the heart of their sound is the north Mississippi hill-country music of Mississippi, Fred McDowell and Johnny Woods mixed in with the pre-war blues sounds of artists such as Skip James, Blind Willie Mc Tell and Leadbelly.

As a duo, Dom Turner and Ian Collard have recorded a debut album, ‘Mama Says we’re Crazy Too” recorded in July 2010.



Dom Turner and Ian Collard .... " Mama thinks we're crazy too"

Dom Turner and Ian Collard in Jim Moginie's Oceanic Studio. Two of Australia's finest blues musicians play a track off their new album "Mama thinks we're crazy too" A tribute to Fred McDowell and Johnny Woods. Grab a peek behind the scenes in the studio.

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