22nd - 25th October 2015

Brett O'Malley

Brett O'Malley

Brett O'MalleyHailing from the western shores of Lake Macquarie in NSW, Brett O’Malley has been performing to crowds far and wide over the past seven years.

2010 saw his much awaited debut EP “Links In The Chain,” a fine example of his melodic, guitar driven style with lyrical hooks that stay with you forever.

From this came Brett’s widely acclaimed debut single, “Amazing Life,” a catchy, soulful number with a pop, blues feel that received both radio and TV play on Rage and Landed Music, and was also one of the most popular tracks on the compilation CD “Sounds Like Café” brought out by Foghorn Records.

A music lover as well as a player, O’Malley draws from a wide range of influences making his music far from one dimensional, a pleasant change from a lot of artists, and through plenty of kilometres gigging, delivers the goods with a passionate and soulful live act!

Currently working on new material, Brett is looking forward to showing fans the next page in his ever evolving music, with hopes of a new single very soon.

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