22nd - 25th October 2015

Bondi Cigars

Bondi Cigars

Bondi Cigars

They’ve been around for 2 decades, are widely regarded as one of our greatest ever R’n’B bands, and are still very much at the top of their game.

They have a distinctive sound and indisputably Australian voice which makes them instantly identifiable and utterly unique.
They are the Bondi Cigars, led by the talented and productive team of Shane Pacey & Alan Britton.

With Eben Hale and Frank Corby rounding out the current lineup, the ‘Cigars have produced great songs and fantastic live shows year after year. Their recent performance at the Cairns and Narooma Festivals, with packed crowds held spellbound from beginning to end is proof that while they are indeed an enduring outfit, their passion and skill has intensified over time, not waned.

The December release of their 6th studio album (and 9th release in total), Universal Stew, sees the band announce a national tour. While a lot of today’s young blues and roots artists are now merging genres and styles, it’s something that the ‘Cigars have done since the very beginning.


Bondi Cigars

Soul, funk and pop - always essential ingredients to the Bondi Cigars – saw some purists accusing them of not being “a proper blues band.” No doubt they’ll bring that old chestnut up again on hearing Universal Stew.

And that suits the Bondi Cigars just fine.

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BONDI CIGARS "Bad Weather Blues"

Australian Blues Band. Taken at the Bruthen Inn Hotel 8/4/2000.
Shane Pacey - Guitar and vocals
Allan Britton - bass
Eben Hale - Guitar
Andy Vainauskas - drums
Web Page: www.bondicigars.com.au
MySpace: www.myspace.com/bondicigars
Filming/Editing - Rooster McBlurter.
Sound - FOH on camera.

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