22nd - 25th October 2015

Alex Chudnovsky

Alex Chudnovsky

ALEX CHUDNOVSKYThe road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination. - Don Williams jnr.

Listening to classical guitarist Alex Chudnovsky you cannot help being moved by his evocative, lyrical playing. But it is his compelling personal journey that led this Russian born musician all the way to Melbourne.

Alex himself has said, “Life is a constant Journey, never knowing what is around the corner or what may come your way”. His own journey started when his family fled Russia in 1978 with the intention of moving to America. They got as far as Austria only to change plans and try Israel as their new home. But after three months the war-like tension gave them no alternative but to lie to the local authorities saying that they were going on a holiday to Greece.

Never intending to come back they stayed for a year before illegally crossing the Mediterranean to Italy where they stayed for two years before eventually finding a sponsor that enabled them to move to… Adelaide! Alex is now based in Melbourne and his first album The Jouney (2010) scored an impressive range of accolades including the Peats Ridge festival and a finalist spot in the APRA PDA Awards.

ALEX CHUDNOVSKYFast Forward to 2011- With a strong Youtube presence and the success of first album the Jouney now the New Album – RENAISSANCE OF LIFE – is out through Planet/MGM and with more festival spots including IRONFEST this May and a wider touring schedule this year the 14 song album bridging classical and world genres is sure to find its mark.

WEB – www.alexchudnovsky.com
YOUTUBE – ’chudnovsky’s channel’

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